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Let’s help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. We pride ourselves in providing fast answers to previews. Whether you’re a professional broker, a super broker or just have a referral we can work together. Having extensive qualifications and experience are significant, but these don’t always attract workable deal flow. Having a story and being trustworthy are more important. We work with brokers in all stages of their careers, especially the ones with potential. Ask us about our broker guidelines.


Having a strong financing partner gives your company advantages over your competition. Fast turnaround, flexibility and experience from your financing partner will give your business the advantages needed to win and keep clients. We service A through D credits of both bankable and non-bankable clients in a range of USD $40,000 through $1M with partners for transactions upwards of $15M. Ask us about our vendor guidelines.


If you don’t offer a financing solution you are losing sales. Have trouble selling to startups? Banks won’t finance pre owned equipment? Want to be able to promote financing as part of your offering? Offering financing has become an imperative marketing tool. Sell more of your equipment offering financing. Ask us about our manufacturer guidelines.


We must admit some deals are just too big for us to handle on our own. Often we are presented with leveraged buyouts, vertical acquisitions, horizontal acquisitions, turnarounds and more. Are you interested in buying our debt portfolio? Drop us a line if you’d like to talk and explore opportunities.