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The Value of Speaking to a Real Person

Dial 305-929-0233 and press 1 to speak to a real person. With check the box applications and banks that only lend to people that don’t need funding how are you supposed to get funded? How do you know what questions to ask or where to even start? There are so many types of loans and so many lenders. Call us and well provide you with guidance and quick answers. At the same time, you have a story and it needs to be part of your application process. We look at the whole picture, the more information we have the easier it is to make a positive decision. An honest explanation of your situation goes a long way in this process.

Can I be pre-approved without a credit check?

The credit check should be the last step, not the first. The first step should be to communicate as much information to the lender so that the credit analyst can make a preliminary decision and possibly request supporting documents. The credit check should only be done to verify everything at the end of the process. Figuring out what documents you have support your case is another reason why it is so valuable to speak to an actual person.